A.S.Adventure sustainability report 2021 within the Yonderland Group

Who is Yonderland

A.S.Adventure, together with Juttu, is part of Yonderland. This group originated in Belgium when A.S.Adventure made several acquisitions. In 2000, there was the acquisition of Outdoor and Cycle Concepts in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In 2007, international expansion continued with the acquisition of Bever in the Netherlands. The name was initially A.S.Adventure Group, but Yonderland has been the new name of the international group since May 2021.


Yonderland stands for a positive world. One in which we are always discovering and open to wonder. Literally translated, yonder means ‘at some distance in the direction indicated; over there’. Yonderland is Europe’s largest outdoor retail organisation, offering consumers a wide range of products and services for outdoor adventures, either close to home or abroad. We distinguish ourselves by a high-quality product range, a high level of expert advice, and the excellent service we provide to our customers. All this is combined with a unique in-store and online shopping experience. We strive to continuously inspire our customers to enjoy a happy, healthy, and sustainable outdoor lifestyle.

Driving change:
how Yonderland is helping to make a difference

Despite all our efforts, we are also aware of the impact we ourselves have. For years, we have tried to encourage sustainability on all fronts, from the products in our range to the transition to renewable energy, recycling, and more partnerships with sustainable brands. But 2021 was the year we introduced our holistic programme with clear commitments, goals and actions. For ourselves, suppliers and customers.

We want to make a positive impact on our environment, our people, customers and employees. This requires courage and above all a strong, critical spirit. As an outdoor retailer, we are the link between producers and customers. We are in a unique position: on the one hand, we can influence brands and suppliers to produce more sustainably and take the lead. On the other hand, we want to educate our consumers on how to buy more sustainably, how to maintain their purchases better, and how to enjoy the outdoors in a more sustainable way.

Discover our achievements in 2021 in the full Yonderland sustainability report

"It is our duty to know the impact of all our activities, our products and services, and to make this our sustainable mission."


(Claudia Verswyver, Sustainability Coördinator Retail Concepts)

Our 4 sustainable focus areas

Yonderland has a strong five-year plan with targets within four areas. It is these areas where we as a retail group can make the biggest impact and which require our constant attention.

1. Offer more sustainable products

From the continued expansion of the sustainable product range to explaining what exactly makes these products so sustainable.  We also promote the repair and maintenance of purchased products through Care & Repair. We help to recycle whatever is no longer usable via our Recycle Boxes.

2. Achieving climate neutrality

The Yonderland Group would like to be climate neutral by 2025. This is how we endorse the Paris Agreement and hope to help ensure that global warming remains within  limits. We know exactly what we can (and will) do more by analysing our ecological footprint.

3. Minimising waste as much as possible

Recycling waste is a first step, but reducing it is even better, of course. That is why, in 2021, we made our packaging for shipments  a lot more sustainable, so that as little ‘air’ as possible is transported. We have also switched to new partners who are taking an even better approach to waste recycling.

4. Commitment to nature conservation

Afval recycleren is een eerste stap, maar het beperken is nog beter natuurlijk. Daarom hebben we in 2021 onze verpakkingen voor verzendingen een pak duurzamer gemaakt, zodat er zo min mogelijk 'lucht' vervoerd wordt. Ook zijn we overgeschakeld naar nieuwe partners die de recyclage van afval nog beter aanpakken.


As an outdoor retailer, we see it as our duty to protect the Great Outdoors. We are taking a leading role in this. We have set up several initiatives, from supporting local||| conservation organisations to collecting funds for reforestation.

A.S.Adventure Accomplishments

Some highlights of our accomplishments with Retail Concepts (A.S.Adventure and Juttu) from 2021:

"We make the sustainability of a product our priority. Firstly: Reduce. Do not buy what you do not need. Restore: restore things that are still reusable. Reuse: Share. Only when you’ve exhausted all those options, do you recycle."


(Bea De Beuckelaer, CEO Retail Concepts)



Curious about all the Yonderland Group figures?

View the full report

How can we make a difference together?

Being more aware of how we produce, distribute and buy is a collective responsibility. Not only for manufacturers and distributors, but also for everyone who shops with us and for A.S.Adventure itself as an organisation. And it is also our duty to call for action.

What can you do as a brand or supplier?

•    Start creating more sustainable product lines

•    Let us know which products are extra sustainable
•    Start mapping your ecological footprint

What can you do as a consumer?

•    Do your research or inform yourself concerning the right (and most qualitative) products

•    Take care of your things
•    Is something broken? Then try to repair it (or have it repaired) first
•    Rent first, buy later: the perfect way to know if something really suits you
•    Travel more sustainably to your next destination
•    Don’t throw away the equipment that you don’t use anymore; pass it on
•    Bring your equipment to us so we can recycle it

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