Caring for the outdoors: Discover our green projects, protect nature with us

A.S.Adventure stands for loving and preserving nature and the outdoors. So it’s only natural that we join forces with some green partners and our thousands of customers to continue to invest in protecting all these beautiful, wild places. Thanks to your support, we have been able to achieve a lot together.

“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; 

we borrow it from our children.”

Walking, cycling or camping: everything we do outside has an impact on nature and our environment. By bringing more sustainability and quality in our own lives and by committing ourselves to give something back to nature, we all chip in for a greener planet. After all, who doesn’t want future generations to be able to experience the same adventures as us?


We are proud to make a difference together with you.

On behave of our green partners: thanks for your support!

A.S.Adventure’s green partners

A.S.Adventure stands for nature, but we’re also responsible for nature. Therefore, together with our partners, we are working towards increasing nature and wild places in Belgium, Europe, and the rest of the world. Our financial support goes directly to their initiatives to protect and maintain our planet.

Support for Natuurpunt

Every day, enthusiastic volunteers devote themselves to protecting and improving the diversity and quality of the nature in Flanders. With more than 133,000 members and 27,000 hectares of green zones under its management, Natuurpunt is by far the largest environmental association in Flanders. Every year its local divisions organise numerous activities, bringing people together to enjoy nature. Furthermore, it is actively involved in the government’s nature policy using private observations and scientific research groups. A.S.Adventure has been a loyal Natuurpunt partner since 1998.

What we’ve accomplished together so far:

•  27,000 hectares of nature reserves in Flanders, thanks to the cooperation with A.S.Adventure, among others

•  Signage for 11 A.S.Adventure hiking routes

•  Installation of benches, information boards, and apiaries

•  Construction of natural playground in the Grote Netewoud (Grote Nete Forest)

•  Publishing the Natuurpunt cycling and hiking guide

Expedition Natuurpunt partner

Support for Natagora

Natuurpunt’s Walloon counterpart wants to stop the loss of biodiversity in Brussels and Wallonia. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, they maintain and restore over 5,000 hectares of nature reserves, and organise numerous activities along green heritage sites, ranging from excursions to film presentations. Natagora’s top priority is to specifically protect the most endangered species. The tasks range from nest-building and hedge-planting right through to the development of environmental measures in partnership with local farmers.

What we’ve accomplished together so far:

•  5,000 hectares of nature reserves in Wallonia, thanks to the cooperation with A.S.Adventure, among others

Support River Cleanup

Every year, 8 billion kg of plastic ends up in the ocean. An amount we can hardly imagine. Much of this pollution ends up in our oceans via the rivers. River Clean Up aims to intercept a part of the plastic in rivers before it reaches the ocean.
By cleaning up the so-called 'river plastics', River Cleanup ensures that the blue veins of our planet do not clog up. The more plastic they can remove from the rivers, the better. Once it reaches the ocean, it spreads and is much more difficult to remove.
River Clean Up is known for its many clean-up operations and the deployment of technologies at strategic points in the rivers. But education is also essential: we should not only clean the rivers, but also keep them clean. An idea which A.S.Adventure wholeheartedly supports!


Read more about River Cleanup

Support for the BOS+ Heldenbos

To honour all corona heroes, BOS+ created the ‘Heldenbos’ or the Heroes’ Forest. Not a monument of rock or bronze, but one that lives and grows. And even though 2020 was a strange year, A.S.Adventure was able to celebrate its 25th anniversary and subsidiary brand Juttu its 5th anniversary. A small bright light and the perfect opportunity to create our own little patch of ‘Heldenbos’. The result: 300 trees, recently planted and as of now forever rooted in Aartselaar! A gift from us, to the heroes of the health sector and our beloved nature. And also to you, of course, because you can enjoy an extra piece of forest in nature reserve De Reukens.


Read more about BOS+ and the Heldenbos

Support for Cool Earth

Deforestation in the rainforest – representing 21% of all CO2 emissions worldwide – is one of the major causes of climate change. That is why Cool Earth is collaborating closely with Amazon communities to put an end to the deforestation of rainforests and the threat to ecosystems. In doing so, it is helping to develop strong and confident communities that form a shield to prevent lumberjacks from accessing adjacent forests.


Thanks to our financial support, we have already protected over 61,168 hectares of rainforest and saved over 22 million trees from logging since 2012. And that hasn’t gone unnoticed: Cool Earth’s unique approach has already been crowned with a Global Good Award for the category ‘International Sustainable Community’. It’s a real success story that was partly possible thanks to the sustainable partnership with A.S.Adventure.


Read more about Cool Earth

Discover our achievements in this brochure

Since 2012, we’ve accomplished this together:

•  Protected over 61,000 hectares of rainforest

•  Protected 22 million trees from logging

•  Stored over 26 million tonnes of carbon

•  Supported 4 Asháninka communities in the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest

•  Protected several vulnerable ecosystems with endangered wildlife (such as the spectacled bear)

And also:

•  60 families benefited from the nutrition pilot project in 2017

•  197 water taps installed in 2017

•  180 families provided with sustainable livelihoods through cocoa farming in 2018

•  82 families provided with sustainable livelihoods through coffee farming in 2018

•  90% of households have a better or more stable income

•  68% of members of the Ayompari cocoa and coffee cooperative have more potential to improve their incomes

Support for EOCA

A.S.Adventure has teamed up with over 160 European companies in the outdoor sector to offer financial aid to projects run by the European Outdoor Conservation Association. These range from the protection of endangered animal species and replanting rainforest to clearing nature reserves and maintaining footpaths: as a ‘non-profit’ organisation, the EOCA is committed to nature conservation far beyond Europe’s borders. The more companies that get involved, the greater our impact on preserving the outdoor world that we all enjoy will be.


Read more about EOCA

Our corporate social responsibility

From our sustainable range to the revamped web packaging: A.S.Adventure expresses its corporate social responsibility in many ways.


Discover our sustainable initiatives

Do you opt for conscious shopping?

Learn how to buy sustainably and take extra-good care of the environment. Learn more about official sustainability labels and shop more consciously with our tips.


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