Fjallraven Family

Fjällräven has divided its products into different "families". Each family represents a type of activity.

Abisko - Lightweight and maximum freedom of movement.
Bergtagen - For a life above the tree line, specially developed for mountaineering.
Greenland - Classic style since 1968. An iconic collection.
High Coast - For outdoor living in winter, lightweight and easy to store.
Kanken - A range of wear-resistant, practical backpacks for every day.
Keb - Technical trekking, maximum freedom of movement and optimum breathability.
Numbers - Exceptionally long life and minimal impact on the environment.
Övik - Traditional outdoor collection, G-1000 functionality, classic style and versatile.
Polar - For winter expeditions in Arctic conditions.
Singi - Durable and functional equipment for trekking in Scandinavian conditions.
Värmland, Lappland, Sörmland - For forest environments.