Fjallraven Family

Fjällräven has divided its products into different "families". Each family represents a type of activity.

Abisko - Lightweight and maximum freedom of movement.
Bergtagen - For a life above the tree line, specially developed for mountaineering.
Greenland - Classic style since 1968. An iconic collection.
High Coast - For outdoor living in winter, lightweight and easy to store.
Kanken - A range of wear-resistant, practical backpacks for every day.
Keb - Technical trekking, maximum freedom of movement and optimum breathability.
Numbers - Exceptionally long life and minimal impact on the environment.
Övik - Traditional outdoor collection, G-1000 functionality, classic style and versatile.
Polar - For winter expeditions in Arctic conditions.
Singi - Durable and functional equipment for trekking in Scandinavian conditions.
Värmland, Lappland, Sörmland - For forest environments.

System zips Jack Wolfskin

Some of the jackets are equipped with system zips , which means that the zips featured on both the inner and outer jackets are compatible with the same system zip design – regardless of the season they were bought in. This can be used to integrate a warming inner jacket, e.g. a fleece or down jacket, into an outer jacket e.g. weatherproof jacket by using the zip. Combining a weatherproof jacket with an insulating inner jacket creates an insulating weatherproof jacket.


The system zip for regular and longer-style jackets


The shorter system zip, used for sporty, short jackets


All jackets labelled "REGULAR SYSTEM ZIP" and "SHORT SYSTEM ZIP" have loops and press studs on the sleeves and at the neck. These allow the inner and outer jacket to be combined to form a double jacket – without having to do up the front zip.