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They know something about cold up in Scandinavia and therefore what to do to guard against it! Swedish brand Woolpower makes comfortable thermal underwear, warm jumpers, hiking socks, and accessories, such as hats. They use merino wool from Uruguay and Patagonia for this. This particular wool wicks away your sweat well and neutralises unpleasant odours. Hello, fresh (outdoor) air!


The benefits of merino wool are many. Whereas other wools are sometimes scratchy, merino isn’t. The fabric also has antibacterial properties, so you won’t smell yourself, even after a few intense hiking or sports days. Only when merino has soaked up 30% of its own weight does it become clammy. And even when wet, the fabric still feels warm and comfortable.


Woolpower makes three types of materials from merino, good for different thicknesses and applications. LITE is the thinnest and is only used for base layers. Ulffrotté Original 200 is the slightly thicker and abrasion-resistant fabric for base layers made of merino wool, polyamide, and air. That air is important because it retains your body heat. Ulffrotté Original 400 is made in the same way, but is even thicker. It’s just the thing for mid-layers.    


Woolpower makes all its products in their own factory in Östersund, Sweden. And they really do everything there: from knitting threads to preparing the fabric, sewing, packing, and storing the finished product for shipment. This is how they keep their carbon footprint small. In short: responsibly made in Sweden!

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