About Woolpower -  Woolpower is a technically advanced product that is the result of many years of intensive research and development. The clothing is worn all over the world, as working clothes and leisurewear in extremely tough conditions, by wearers who place high demands on comfort, performance and safety. Wool has a unique ability to absorb moisture and transport it away. It also remains warm when wet. These properties make it the perfect material for manufacturing warm undergarments.


Woolpower is made from the finest merino wool, combined with synthetic fibers to make the textiles stronger. With an eye on optimum comfort for the wearer and a perfect fit, the clothing is knitted without seams on special knitting machines. The distinctive Terry knit consists of a loop-shaped weave on the inside of most Woolpower products. These small loops retain extra air and are able to carry additional moisture through to the outside of the garment. Woolpower products are all about functionality, with as few seams and points of contact as possible. They are made of soft, supple and elastic fabrics that also do not absorb any unpleasant body odors.

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