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Under Armour

The only way is through! Sounds crazy? Not if it’s Under Armour shouting it. Behind the motto is the firm belief that you can master any challenge with the right clothing. Whether you like to run, work out in the gym, or contort your body on the yoga mat, Under Armour is there to support you. All thanks to the T-shirts, trousers, jackets, jumpers, shoes, accessories– and sports bras for Under Armour women  – that provide sufficient support.


Under Armour stands for innovation. Dynamic cushioning and an anatomical fit make their shoes the perfect companion on the trail. Revolutionary fibres in the clothing ensure ideal moisture wicking. And in extremely sunny conditions, the low-friction, UV-protective clothing protects your skin from anything that can damage it. Whatever you’re up to, you know no bounds when you’re wearing Under Armour. 


When it comes to sustainability, Under Armour also provides a top performance… The material for their sportswear is made from recycled plastic bottles. On average, they recycle about 2 million bottles every year! Moreover, for every kW of electricity they consume, the brand buys 1 kWh of wind energy. 


Under Armour comes from the mind of former footballer Kevin Plank. Plank started his collection to counter the omnipresent Nike. The takeover was a success. In 1996, Under Armour introduced the ‘Shorty’, a T-shirt that wicks away sweat at an unseen rate and made the brand famous all over America thanks to a Hollywood film. The rest is history because now the whole world lies at their athletic feet!

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