If you love the mountains you will know the importance of a good night’s sleep before a long day of trekking. In fact, there’s a simple solution: the more comfortable your sleeping mat, the better you sleep. The solution is thanks to the Therm-a-Rest team, as inventors of the very first self-inflating sleeping mat in 1972!


Now, 50 years later, Therm-a-Rest is still leading the way with the best in lightweight sleeping comfort, to suit every adventure. Mats, cushions or seats: each a combination of hi-tech innovation and ultimate comfort. In 2009, the first NeoAir was launched: it has since received several awards for the ingenious match between warmth and weight, thanks to two patented technologies. 


The NeoAir UberLight weighs as little as 250 grams and, when folded and packed, takes up about as much space as a can of cola. That means less kilos to carry, comfortable long days on the trails and a direct line to dreamland. 


Three unemployed engineers with a love of climbing, a leaking garden mattress and their dream of better slumber under the stars. That was enough to change the outdoor experience of adventurous people worldwide for good. Rest better, play better! 

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