About Super.natural - Super.natural combines the strengths of the finest merino wool with functional polyester in one fiber. This ensures super.natural highest comfort, while at the same time providing maximum functionality and outstanding design. super.natural is committed to going the distance when providing the highest standards of functional quality clothing available.


Merino made better.

Super.natural is bluesign® certified

Super.natural is bluesign® certified because we care about the environment – without compromise.


bluesign® creates transparency along the entire textile manufacturing chain. It provides tangible solutions and practical tools without compromising functionality‚ quality or design with sophisticated process management. All input streams are assessed based on their ecotoxicological impact with a particular focus on resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety. Potentially harmful substances are eliminated before production begins yielding products that contain only components that are safe for humans and the environment according to the best available technology. 


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