Sunday Afternoons

About Sunday Afternoons -  Sunday Afternoons has the widest choice in outdoor hats, hats and caps: sustainable, but always in fashion. A fedora hat in felt always looks stylish, a trucker cap is tight and tough, a havana hat keeps the head cool, a cozy beanie hat is a must in winter and a traditional bucket protects with its wide brim protects your face, ears and neck against the sun and the rain. Sunday Afternoons is known for its functional hiking hats for men, women and children: they are foldable, quick drying and with UV protection factor 50. - Discover their range ...

Performance — The functional and stylish hats, from Sunday Afternoons lift your sporting performance on land, at sea or in the air in all weather conditions to a higher level. After all, they are water-resistant, foldable, quick-drying and with UV protection factor 50.

Lifestyle — Hat off for Sunday Afternoons, because their comfortable hats, caps and hats are suitable for all leisure applications, such as (beach) walks, bike rides, a music concert, a picnic in the park, in short daily use in style.

Kids — We need to protect small children's heads from the sun. The hats and caps of Sundays Afternoons are dream playmates in the summer, such as fedora's or buckets with extra neck protection, caps suitable for swimming or hats with UV protection factor 50.

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