About Stanley - Way back in 1913, William Stanley, Jr. invented the world’s first all-steel, vacuum-insulated bottle. In the century since, his vacuum bottle evolved from concept to icon and has become an essential part of workdays, road trips and outdoor adventures. His legacy continues today in everything the Stanley Brand engineers. water bottles with flip-up straws. Travel mugs that fit neatly into car cupholders. Food jars with integrated sporks. Even high-performance cook sets. For Stanley it's about ramping up your time outdoors with gear you can count on from dusk to dawn, from coffee to kick start the day to spirits to cap off the evening. Built for you, built for life.

LIFETIME WARRANTY: Stanley has stood the test of time because it's built to. ‘Built for life’ is a motto Stanley stands by since 1913. It's their promise to provide you with rugged, capable gear for food and drinks, built to last a lifetime. All Stanley products come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. If your Stanley doesn't live up to its legendary reputation the Stanley Brand will do what it takes to make it right. It's that simple.

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