Since 1981, Rab has been making rugged clothing and equipment for people who like to be active outdoors. Whether you like to hike, climb mountains, commute by bike, or just appreciate a super solid jacket, you can count on Rab. The collection includes technical T-shirts to stay cool in the summer, fleece jumpers to keep you warm even in winter, and high-quality trousers.


You can safely call Rab’s clothing ‘rugged’ because it is made for the most challenging conditions. The brand’s founder is a practised climber, and that experience in the mountains is clearly reflected in the products: they offer you absolute protection, comfort, and freedom.


Because Rab’s products are so solid, they are also easily repaired and you don’t have to replace them at the slightest wear and tear. This is also entirely in keeping with their commitment to the future. In their own words, they are constantly looking for ways to reduce the ecological impact of their production: from offering repairs to using recycled materials.


Rab is not sitting still on the social front either: they are actively working on (improving) the well-being of the people who make their products, as well as connecting the community around the brand. The ‘Mountain People’ are all the people around the world who seek adventure using gear from Rab, knowing they can trust it blindly. Ready to join the club?

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