PME Legend

A rugged look in a timeless jacket – that’s what PME Legend stands for. This Dutch brand is inspired by hardworking cargo pilots who flew great distances to see the most exotic fringes of the world. And you’ll find this same sense of freedom in their premium clothing for men. Stylish shirts, trousers and sweaters for every moment – wherever you are.


All products are designed based on five core values: masculine, authentic, adventurous, durable and comfortable. And you can feel it. Your look is unbeatable, both literally and figuratively, with iconic jeans from PME Legend. Be amazed by the perfect fit and durability of these jeans. And then complete your outfit with a stylish T-shirt or top. Perfect for the office, but also for an evening out after a hard day’s work – especially under an authentic flight jacket. Is it getting colder out? No problem if you wear a comfortable sweater from PME Legend.


PME Legend’s collection is a tribute to all the explorers who travelled the world as cargo pilots. The brand has been highly respected for its fashionable menswear since 1992. In short: cool outfits for cool men.

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