About PlayPauze - PlayPauze/A Natural Connection is a young brand by sustainable designer Katrien Smets and actress Hilde De Baerdemaeker. They made their fourth collection for conscious women who love timeless quality. Designer YOGA-wear or as Katrien and Hilde prefer to call it: RELAX-ion wear: beautiful at every age and shape, from your yoga mat to the red carpet. PlayPauze/A Natural Connection is Belgian design, fairly produced in Portugal. Their fabrics are sustainable and high end yet affordable: tencel, organic cotton.. carefully selected to give each PlayPauze/ANC piece that unique soft feel. Timeless, pure perfection in color and fit: iconic black, off-white, stripes and classic heather grey. PlayPauze/ANC : choose consciously, the way you live, the way you dress, .. PlayPauze/ANC wants to inspire you to take playful pauses with your “natural connections”. To feel good, in your own skin, and in these "second-skin" items. Namaste.

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