Osaka People

About Osaka People – Osaka People are young, free, sportive and very much alive. With both our feet solid in the heritage of hockey, we believe that anything is possible. If you really want it.


Therefore we created this new stationary line of premium products: backpacks, weekend bags, sportsbags, ipadsleeves, make up bags and wallets. To get you true daily life in a very stylish way.


In 2011 Osaka Hockey was founded with the aim to bridge the gap between hockey and lifestyle. Therefore the brand chose to walk a path where no footprints were left and created products with a look and feel that was never ever seen in hockey before. The clean and stylish look of the hockey sticks, -bags, -shoes, -accessories, conquered the heart of hockey players all over the planet. Today Osaka Hockey pushes players to their limits with nice and fresh designs, great promo products, cool international players and their presence at the coolest events.

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