About Odlo - Make sure you’re always one step ahead. That’s the motto at Odlo, the Norwegian brand that has been one of the biggest names in the adventurous world of sports underwear ever since 1946. ODLO thermal underwear is the basis, but in the collection you’ll also find jackets, fleeces, trousers and shirts!


If you’re keen on a cold adventure, you’ll know the golden rule: layers, layers, layers! This three-layer system is all thanks to Odlo. With the first layer, snug-fitting thermal underwear, you ensure that your body temperature is continually regulated and that you stay dry. The second layer, a lightweight loose jumper, helps you to comfortably capture your own warmth, so that it’s not lost to the outside. The third layer, a hard-shell raincoat, protects you from rain and wind. 


Odlo underwear is breathable, quick-drying and even anti-odour. What more can you expect as a sportsperson nowadays? That it also takes care of the planet! For years, Odlo has been making efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. A grand total of 70% of its production is done in Europe and, since 2022, 75% of all used materials are environmentally friendly


Odlo was founded in 1946 by Odd Roar Lofterød Senior. To start with, the brand made mainly tracksuits for skaters and langlaufers. They soon added synthetic technical underwear, since speed skaters were soon fed up with the usual, impractical cotton underwear. It was even so impractical that many skaters wore only a pair of pants under their suit, despite the freezing cold. Odlo to the rescue

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