About Oakley - Oakley’s sports sunglasses have been indispensable for athletes of all levels since the 1970s. Whether you’re on your skis, sailing a boat, or racing a bike – Oakley offers you the perfect view of every horizon. Dare to show the world who you are with Oakley’s advanced glasses and goggles in colourful designs. With extra-clear lenses and the ultimate fit, every pair of Oakley glasses gives you an optimal field of vision in every direction.


Looking for the ultimate cycling glasses? You’ve clearly come to the right place: Oakley’s streamlined models with non-slip nose pads make all your adventurous dreams come true. Never again be bothered by bright sunlight and everything flying around thanks to cycling goggles that are designed to protect your eyes in the best possible way. Improve your view of the road and drive further than ever with Oakley.


Did you know that Oakley invests heavily in the technological development of its products? The result is impressive: their special Prizm lens technology offers dramatically more detail for even better performance. Whether you are on top of a mountain, in the water, or on the road, these lenses will help your eyes. They reveal details that would have escaped the naked eye. This allows you to see what others cannot, and to gain a better understanding of your surroundings and any situation you may encounter.


In addition to a wide range of stylish and eye-catching eyewear, Oakley also has a solid collection of premium ski wear. Their winter coats are made to protect you in any weather, minimising the chance of coming home wet or cold. Especially if you’re wearing a warm Oakley jumper under your jacket. The ski trousers from Oakley are also designed to keep you warm on the slopes. And whether you go skiing or snowboarding, keep it safe with an Oakley ski helmet and matching ski goggles.


A fun fact: Oakley sells unique models in each country that are not available anywhere else. So it may well be that the same high-quality eyewear, sportswear, and accessories are not sold anywhere else in the world. Seeing is believing, so feel free to try out your favourite item or product, or order it right here.

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