Merrell will take you to the end of the world — and beyond. Explore your limits with Merell's comfortable men's and women's shoes designed for all environments and all weathers. With their unique fit, your feet are protected, and you can round off every walking adventure in comfort.


For many years, this American company has been working with innovative partners who develop superior technology to produce the best shoes. Take Gore-Tex, for example: a unique membrane that is both waterproof and breathable, lightweight, and super strong. As a result, puddles and soggy riverbanks are child's play for your Merrell shoes. Thanks to Vibram, you feel like you're walking on clouds. These soles offer extra grip and are super strong: ideal for the most challenging climbs, rocky surfaces — or just the slipperiest of tiles.


Various types of shoes are available for women and men. Lend your footbed and ankles a little extra support with strong hiking shoes made of flexible materials. Alternatively, if you prefer to have your toes out while walking, Merrell's sandals have a shock-absorbing sole, meaning your feet start feeling tired less quickly. On top of that, Merrell offers specialist trail running shoes for those who love nothing more than to turn a quick run into a proper adventure. They will improve your stability and offer extra protection against loose grit thanks to the TrailProtect™ rock plates.


Merrell wants everyone to experience the power of outdoor living, through durable products that perform above average in terms of strength and walking comfort. After all, everyone should feel able to move around the outdoors in full freedom and self-confidence. Internally, Merrell is also making every effort to manufacture its products in a more environmentally friendly way. For example, it does not colour its shoes, meaning extra chemical waste and polluted water can be prevented. 

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