About Kiwi St TropezIn 1985 Kiwi St Tropez  was founded on the sunny beaches of the legendary St Tropez. the collections combine quality with creativity and attract a cosmopolitan clientele in St Tropez.  Women, men and children could easily find themselves in the easy-going yet classy style, now the St Trop beachwear was born. Quickly Kiwi St Tropez was presented in the most beautiful sites, initially the Club 55, followed by Monaco, Capri, St. Barts, St. Domingo ...

Since happiness is often seen as a family, the claw rivals imagination to present collections each season with enticing variety of printed and original models. The designers of the brand create collections beachwear incredibly entrenched in the air. The label Kiwi Saint Tropez is needed as a claw that does not follow fashion but guess modes trends to better anticipate. A collection of swimwear mix & match created for women, can meet all demands of the wisest to the most crazy .. Sarongs, skirts, dresses, coats, towels, hats, bags, flip flops ... then come complete with a range seaside accents to become the indispensable accessories.
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