Kite Optics

About Kite Optics - Kite Optics binoculars are a true feast for the eyes! This Belgian brand has been shipping binoculars and telescopes around the globe since 1992. Kite Optics can count the largest nature reserves at home and abroad among its loyal customers, as well as guides, travellers, hunters, foresters and anyone who wants to keep a close eye on things while out and about in nature.


To Kite Optics, binoculars are more than just a leisure pursuit. Its products guarantee professional and recreational nature gazing pleasure thanks to their mechanical precision, durability and attention to detail. Outstanding optical quality is guaranteed with every Kite Optics product — and they all have their roots in Belgian soil! Even though Kite Optics manufactures its products in Japan, they all go through strict quality control checks in Jabbeke, near Bruges. 


The folk at Kite Optics hate nothing more than waste. For that reason, every part of their products meets the highest standards, so that your binoculars or monoculars last as long as possible. If you've damaged your product, the in-house repair service will make sure that all binoculars, regardless of their age or condition, are returned to you as good as new. What more could you want in terms of service!


A bit of history: Kite Optics was founded in 1992 by Georges De Putter, the son of a family of opticians. Georges was a nature enthusiast and passionate bird watcher when he followed in his parents' footsteps by starting work at their practice. He soon started looking for answers to the demand from his professional clients for affordable equipment that didn't compromise on service and durability. Today, his two sons Sebastien and Nicolas have their sights firmly set on the future!

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