About Kambukka – The new brand Kambukka designs trendy drinking solutions for active people on the go. Kambukka consumers consciously choose a bottle that fits their lifestyle and personality. In that way, they can express their thirst for more – more adventures, more fun, more action. Next to water bottles, the Kambukka range also includes coffee and tea mugs and kids and teens bottles.

Kambukka enables a smooth drinking experience with its smart product features. Just think of a design that is 100% leak-proof, the 3 in 1 lid, a bottles that are very easy to clean thanks to the Snapclean® feature and lid that suits every occasion.


Easy to clean

How to make sure not a single drop of tea, coffee or sports drink stays behind when you clean your bottle? We’ve got it covered. Thanks to the patent pending Snapclean® feature you just pinch and pull to remove the inner mechanism in one piece.


3 in 1 for the perfect drinking experience

No coffee break is alike. That’s why Kambukka’s cleverly designed 3 in 1 lid with Snapclean®technology has three positions. Just push the slider to enable the right position.

In the push to drink position the button opens every time you want to take a sip. No more spills when you’re training for a marathon or – let’s be realistic – running to catch a train. Open the lid to just drink from your bottle like you’re drinking from a cup. Perfect during a well-deserved break. Lock the lid for the leak-proof position for people on the go. 100% backpack-proof.


Kambukka products are so easy in use, that after a while you just can’t imagine a life without them.

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