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Bright sunlight, splashing snow, flying gravel, and pesky flies: Julbo glasses stop them all! The French brand has specialised in performance eyewear for both professional and recreational athletes, young and old. Ski goggles, cycling glasses, or all-round sunglasses; whether you’re staying home or on holiday, Julbo has its eyes on the prize.


If you enjoy doing winter sports, then you know that good visibility is important. But you also know that the weather can change quickly while skiing: one moment you’re skiing in the sun, and the next, you’re enclosed in snow or fog. But you’ll never have to change glasses again thanks to photochromic lenses. The self-tinting lenses adjust automatically.


Running or mountain biking: those who rack up a lot of kilometres very quickly can use reliable (cycling) glasses. The REACTIV self-tinting mono lens provides a wide, obstacle-free field of vision. And don’t forget about your kids! Give them colourful sunglasses with UV protection for their sunny adventures. The flexible frame is a great bonus for true tearaways.


By the way, did you know that the name Julbo is derived from its founder’s name, Jules Baud? A group of crystal hunters from Chamonix once asked Jules to design glasses that would protect them from the bright light in the mountains. The result: the first ‘Cristalliers’ sunglasses, the beginning of Julbo’s crystal-clear history!

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