ICHI is the Japanese word for ‘number one’, or the name of the Scandinavian fashion label that makes women around the world feel like a true number one. Since 1991, ICHI has been dressing sophisticated, creative women who like to stand out from the crowd in affordable, quality clothing. From stylish trousers and dresses to contemporary jackets: easy to wear, easy to love!


ICHI clothing is not for one style, type, or season. The brand offers a medley of looks that you can combine to your heart’s content. Perhaps you want to stand out with a flashy T-shirt or top one day. And the next day, you might be feeling more subdued and opt for casual trousers with a comfortable jumper


Would you enjoy expressing your summery mood as the sun climbs higher in the sky? Then choose a lightweight pair of shorts that you can wear over your bathing suit or bikini. A visit to the beach, at a restaurant with friends or a date, in the sunshine at an outdoor café, or to the office: ICHI clothing goes everywhere with you. 


ICHI also prefers to take care of you and our planet for a long time. Together with development organisations and environmental organisations, the brand is committed to making cotton cultivation more sustainable. They have been using sustainable cotton exclusively since 2022. This means no pesticides, efficient water use, and protection of the environment and of employees! Look good, feel good.

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