About FALKE - Every adventurous foot deserves a suitable and superb sock, they must have thought at FALKE. After all, if you regularly stand on a ski slope or mountain path, you’ll undoubtedly recognise the logo that peeks out over the edge of ski boots and walking shoes. For no less than 125 years, this German family business has been producing sports socks to make your feet feel like they’re snuggling in a soft sofa in even the toughest conditions.


The brand’s walking socks, with names like TK2 and TK5, are anatomically shaped and absolute essentials for serious adventurers thanks to their moisture-regulating properties. There are short and long options, lighter or thicker models to suit the season. Made of either merino wool or the finest cotton, they come in neutral or cheerful colours. 


But even when the adventure’s over, FALKE continues to make your toes tingle with delight with its Cosyshoe slippers. Cosyshoes are made of merino wool, which is breathable but also keeps your feet warm. Nice and compact, they’re easy to take with you on your travels and reach higher than most slippers to keep your ankles snug as well. 


Those who choose FALKE are assured not only of quality, but also of a manufacturer who takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously. ‘WE CARE’ is the name given by the company to all the different measures they have taken over the past decades – from environmental and animal protection to social responsibility. FALKE is with you, every step. 


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