About Esprit - Effortless elegance and creative and casual collections that exude a stylish indifference: that is Esprit. For almost half a century, the Californian fashion label has been synonymous with quality clothing for women and men, and with good reason. Esprit dresses or jackets, Esprit jeans or tracksuits, even Esprit shoes and swimwear: you are spoilt for choice!


Esprit is characterised by affordable fashion that lasts for years. By the way, did you know that 25% of their products consist of sustainable fabrics? They use organic cotton and recycled materials whenever possible. And attention is also paid to sustainability during the production process by minimising the impact on people, animals, and nature. 


That the collection lends itself perfectly to mixing and matching is not only evident in the Esprit bikinis, the tops and bottoms of which can be combined separately. But you can also see it in the shirts and T-shirts in every conceivable model, colour, fabric, and style that offer you a world of possibilities. In each season, over and over again!


Here’s a fun bit of history by the way: Esprit’s story began in a car back in 1963. The young fashion designer Sussie Russel picked up a hitchhiker, Doug Tompkins. The spark was immediate, and a few years later, they started selling casual designs from the boot of their second-hand car. Sixty years later, Esprit has shops in over 40 countries. In their words, “We want to make you feel good to look good!”

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