With Cotopaxi, you travel more sustainably, whether you’re going to school, work, or out into the world. Each item is made entirely of recycled, upcycled, or ecologically safe materials. Nothing is lost, which is why some collections are even completely unique. From practical backpacks to Fair Trade Certified T-shirts, each one is an eye-catcher with distinctive, bright colours.


Cotopaxi’s credo is ‘Do Good’, which they clearly take seriously. The company is not only committed to the planet, but also to people. As a certified B Corporation, they devote 1% of their revenue to fighting poverty and supporting community development. Cotopaxi also stands for ethical production that respects healthy working conditions. That way, every purchase feels twice as good.


Whether you use them for a commute or an intense adventure, Cotopaxi’s backpacks appeal to every traveller’s instinct. There are always enough pockets for your most important things, including your laptop and water bottle. And with a backpack from the Del Día collection, you’ll set off with one in a one-of-a-kind colour combination. This collection is made entirely from residual materials, so it contributes to a circular economy as well.


By the way, did you know that Cotopaxi is also the name of a sacred volcano in Ecuador? The brand’s founder, Davis Smith, has always been impressed by the strength and enthusiasm of the people of Latin America. He wanted to capture that feeling in each collection, and simultaneously help the continent with a share of the proceeds. Mission accomplished


• Compatible and Ultra hardy

• Inuitive design

• More space for longer trips


• Fast-and-light

• Day trips, hikes and excursions

• Unstructured for added versatility


• Ideal for work or school

• Roomy enough for full days on the go

• Compact enough for crowded spaces


• Minimalistic design

• Everyday carry


• Multi-pitch bag for technical adventures

• Ideal for climbing, skiing etc.


• Daily commute or quick overnighters

• Clamshell opening and array of pockets


Each pack in the Del Día Collection is made with remnant materials by employees who have creative control over its final look. This means that no two packs are alike. From fabric to thread, your Del Día is one of a kind.

Please note our Del Día products are designed with total creative control by employees in the Philippines, meaning no two bags are alike. Each bag features one-of-a-kind color combinations and will arrive at your door as total surprise.

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