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About CMP 


At CMP we love the work we do, and we are proud of the great Italian heritage that has been created here. The products we produce have been crafted to your needs, technically and stylistically.


Here at CMP we create styles for all day comfort in motion, for all activities by using the best technologies, that fit perfectly your needs to be dynamic in the outdoor environment, and keeping you healthy in everyday life.


We know what we are talking about, CMP is full of active end product users, which is why we have a wide collection of high performance products and styles, for every weather condition, so no need to worry if we are up to the job, we will protect you in the cold and the rain, and the snow and the sun, with natural down jackets, incredible soft shell’s capable of protecting and insulating you.


This know-how allows us to create beautiful high end fabrics like Arctic Fleece® in an endless range of colours, technical with a lush softness, for every season. Here at CMP we care about our customers, our followers with flowing collections that interact harmoniously in style, design and colour, giving you every possible combination to suit your personality and your activity.


For 20 years we have been awarded the Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate, confirming our commitment to produce great products that are totally absence of any harmful chemical substances during the production process and on the finished product. This quality is for the youngest too, we have dedicated a wide range of outdoor, ski and sportswear garments both for boys and girls.


Our heritage and love of the outdoors continue to work together creating beautiful styles in great colours, culminating in the further development of technical outdoor and life style garments…..welcome to the world of CMP.


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