Care Plus

Care Plus aims to encourage travellers, weekend trippers, and day-trippers to get out and about healthily and safely. Whether it’s the sun, stinging insects, poor hygiene conditions, or polluted drinking water: the brand has been protecting you from all the inconveniences you might encounter while travelling for 30 years. They do so with products such as DEETFirst aid kits, and mosquito nets. Thanks to Care Plus, travellers are well prepared!


Nothing more annoying on holiday in warmer regions than bugs. Care Plus DEETa mosquito net or impregnated mosquito net, and other insect repellents will keep them at bay. And what you really should always take with you when travelling: a first aid kit. The Care Plus compact packs were carefully put together in collaboration with exploration doctors. And if there is anyone who knows what you need in case of accidents while travelling…


The umbrella organisation behind Care Plus, Travel Health Group, aims for a malaria-free world by 2030. Malaria affects more than 228 million people every year, most of whom are children under the age of 5. With the ‘Buy One, Give One’ programme, your purchase equals a donation of insect repellent to those who need it most. 


For 30 years, Care Plus has been developing effective and responsible tools for our health. Care Plus is the special product line of Tropical Care, the specialist in safe travel since 1992. They make sure you don’t come home with bugs or ailments, but only great stories. Safe travels, great stories!

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