Care Plus

About Care Plus - Care Plus on a mission. Our mission and vision are high: we want to contribute to a malaria free world by 2030. One percent of our turnover -not profit-goes to projects that help stop malaria. It is a preventable infectious disease.


Safe travels. Great stories - Care Plus® wants to encourage travellers, holidaymakers and day-trippers to get healthy out of it. Especially for this, Care Plus® has an extensive range of products that make it easy to travel in a prepared and protected way.


Care Plus® professional travel guidance - All products are easy to carry, available in various travel formats and composed by experts. Whether you're in the Netherlands, Europe or a tropical destination, Care Plus® will be happy to help you with the preparation and on the spot!


Care Plus® products - The Care Plus® products are divided into four categories; Prevent insect stings, First aid when traveling, Hygiene during the trip and Sun protection. This way you can easily search for the products you need or find extra information about, for example, the active substances in DEET or which protection factor you need. Prevention is better than cure, go healthy, prepared and protected while traveling to fully enjoy!

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