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Discounts up to 70% off - last days of sales

camel active

You aim a dart at a map of the world and travel to wherever it lands: with Camel Active, you'll arrive at your next destination in style. The German brand quenches your thirst for adventure and inspires you to explore new horizons, with high-quality outfits that are functional as well. And you don’t have to worry about giving off too many 'forest ranger vibes'. In the collection for men you will find trousersT-shirts and polo shirts and accessories in natural tones, featuring a unique detail here and there!


The modern man who loves the outdoors likes clothes that are functional, high-quality, responsibly produced, and in keeping with the surroundings. For example, combine rugged cargo trousers with a bright orange polo shirt. Or opt for classic jeans with a checked shirt and complete the look with a leather belt and flat cap. You don't often come across them this stylish in the great outdoors.


In its objective of quality and responsibly-produced apparel, Camel Active not only considers nature, but also its employees. Organic cotton, linen, hemp, responsible leather and wool: the materials it uses are safe for nature and animals. The German factories and offices also ensure safe working conditions and fair wages.


Camel Active was founded by a couple of passionate travellers in the late 1970s. The initial collections were thus inspired by all their travels and the clothes they felt they needed but were missing. Time to unleash your inner Columbus, because the world awaits!

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