Over Bo-Camp - Bo-Camp, from campers ... for campers

Camping has been the most popular way of holiday making for years for many people. Every year many holiday makers choose to use the holidays to enjoy the outdoors, nature, freedom and each other. The Dutch brand Bo-Camp has been active in the camping market for more than thirty years and has developed many new camping items during those years, thereby contributing to a pleasant and comfortable camping holiday for many campers.


Smart solutions

Bo-Camp focuses primarily on the camping holiday maker which does not want to miss comfort and convenience when they are traveling. Every year the Bo-Camp development team is working on improving and searching for smart solutions in which comfort, convenience and compactness are the key factors.



Holidays should be carefree and that’s why Bo-Camp has high standards for the quality level of its products. In addition to the strict quality controls, during the product development, it is also taken into account that the camping equipment must be suitable for intensive use.


For every camping holiday

No holiday is the same and because of this also the demands of the modern camper are not always the same. For this reason, Bo-Camp's product range is very diverse and extensive. Bo-Camp has an extensive range for both the luxury camping holiday and the back-to-basic adventure. From luxury camping chair, to ultra compact cooking sets, from quickly set up tent to comfortable sleeping bags.   

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