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Imagine catching the waves on Australia's Gold Coast. Wearing swim trunks for men that have been legendary in the surf world since 1973. That also look great on a sunny terrace or on the seafront, while enjoying a refreshing drink. Billabong makes your dreams of riding the waves come true, with a collection of colourful, super-functional swim trunks. Because life is better in boardshorts.


Which came first, the swim trunk or the surfboard? In Billabong's case, the surfboard, with the world's very first leg rope. Only then did the Australian brand produce boardshorts by hand, using a unique triple-stitching technique that can withstand the harshest conditions. Opt for classic black, or swaying palm leaves, a casual stripe or a tribal print. 


Billabong’s ambitions go further than making swim trunks (and wetsuits and surfboards). The Billabong Foundation has bundled all the company's socially committed projects under one umbrella since 2004. The aim is to improve the lives of board riders around the world, with projects that focus on our environment, our health and the future of talented kids. 


Did you know that the name Billabong comes from the Wiradjuri word bilabaŋ? It means ‘a creek that only flows during the rainy season'. It was surfer Gordon Merchant who introduced the world to Billabong. He packed his Combi van with surfboards, maps and tents and drove to Australia's Gold Coast. Where he spent most of the year running around in boardshorts!

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