Beach Life

It’s all in the name! Beachlife is swimwear for women, men, and kids that looks best on a hot summer day at the beach. For over 40 years, the collection has featured fashionable and quirky swimsuits, bikinis, and swim shorts. There’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the sun, sea, and sand. Shine on!


Beachlife swimwear makes you look your best before, during, and after swimming. For example, how about a floral bikini, over which you swing a matching beach wrap after you’re done splashing around? A breezy beach dress that looks good with your beach waves? Or swim shorts in your favourite summer colour with stripes, little crabs, or parrots?


You rarely wear less clothing than when you go to the beach or pool. And that’s precisely when you want to wear something that makes you feel completely comfortable in every way. This Dutch brand definitely takes that into account. All the bikinis and swimsuits are available in different styles and fits, so there is always a set that fits perfectly around your curves and gives you the right support. 


Beachlife releases a completely new collection every year, with colours and patterns that are 100% on trend. Why wear more clothing than necessary in summer anyway when you look your best in your favourite swimwear?

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