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Banana Moon

Swimwear that glows like the Californian sun? That’s Banana Moon! The founders met in California, but all four are of French descent. Hence, you feel both European flair and Californian joie de vivre in the designs of the bikinis and swimsuits. A fun day at the beach together with your girlfriends? Choose matching swimwear and make a splash!


Banana Moon is known for their colourful prints, trendy designs, and sporty look with a sexy twist. A deep, yet elegantly cut swimsuit. A bandeau bikini with tropical flowers. Straps over your shoulders, around your neck, or no straps at all. A swimsuit in a stylish black or a cool, textured khaki green. How’s your summer sailing along?


Want to look good before and after you go swimming? Then you’ll also find flowy beach dresses in the collection to wear over your swimsuit. Or opt for shorts that match your bikini: that way, you can continue tanning but still be a little more comfortable eating that ice cream.


You can just feel the active lifestyle of the people of California flowing through the collection: sports, health, and a lot of sunshine take centre stage. Those who love French fashion haven’t been left out either, naturellement. In 2006, the brand launched Banana Moon Couture: a collaboration with several designers with haute couture backgrounds. The collection emphasises luxurious fabrics and eye-catching details for a unique look. Are you ready for the sunset?

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