About ASICS - Every runner is unique and ASICS knows that all too well. The Japanese brand has been providing an extensive collection of shoes since 1949, with a rainbow of designs, colours, and styles. But even more than the looks, at ASICS, it’s about what’s inside. Both the ASICS for men and women are brimming with technology. Japanese craftsmanship at its very best.


ASICS running shoes are known for their good cushioning and perfect fit. The brand is the forerunner when it comes to pronation: they pay a lot of attention when putting the shoes together to the way your foot rolls inwards when you land. The risk of injury is reduced to such an extent that running comfort only increases!


Do you need a lot of cushioning and stability? Then a pair of Gel Nimbus are just what your feet need. Good news: this model is available for men and women. Are you looking for an anti-pronation shoe? Then the Gel Kayano is your lifesaver. And if you really want to sprint over the tarmac or the track, then just choose from the range running shoes especially for paved surfaces.


ASICS founder Kihachiro Onitsuka believed that exercise was the key to a better lifestyle. Fun fact: one of the first shoes designed by Onitsuka was inspired by an octopus salad. He compared the grip of the shoe to the suction power of a tentacle. It’s a big world. Go run it!

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