About Aigle - Our local weather has a mind of its own. So a good pair of wellington boots is a must-have in your wardrobe. And there’s good news: they can actually look really attractive! The French brand Aigle has livened things up with a colourful collection of rubber boots, that can be effortlessly combined with your favourite outfits. Dancing in the rain has never been so much fun.


Red, yellow or blue. High or low. With or without print. Traditional look or a retro twist. There’s so much choice at Aigle. Want to combine your Aigle boots for women, then you can keep your outfit very basic. Simple skinny jeans, a plain woollen jumper, boots underneath, and your feet will get all the attention. 


Those wanting to be slightly more serious: Parcours 2 is Aigle’s updated version of the iconic Parcours natural rubber boots for women and men. This new model has an improved sole, for better shock absorbance, and more grip and stability. Look forward to some lovely long walks in your wellies! 


Is it snow rather than rain that’s falling from the sky? Put your rubber wellies aside for a while and choose a pair of comfortable winter boots from Aigle instead. With their fake fur lining and padded upper collar, winter won’t have a chance. And did you know that you can also find trendy boots for kids in the collection? So no more excuses: step out (together) into the world of adventures! 

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