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If there are two things that are always mentioned in the same breath, it's cycling and the Netherlands. And the Dutch are particularly proud of their AGU cycling clothing: a home-grown brand that has made it into the international cycling peloton, as the clothing sponsor of Team Visma | Lease a Bike! AGU's range includes cycling jerseys and bib shorts, cycling glasses, handlebar bags and much more: in short, everything a cyclist could dream of.


Whether you're a commuter pedalling through wind and rain day after day, a tourist who intends to follow in the tracks of the pros up the windy slopes of Mont Ventoux or an urban cyclist who wants to get to their destination nice and dry, as a Dutch brand through and through, AGU knows everything there is to know about inclement weather. Simply pick one of the raincoats and rain trousers in its collection, and you'll soon be leaving the weather gods in the dust.


The time that cycling and fashion were two entirely separate worlds is long behind us. The fit of AGU's cycling jerseys is all about aerodynamics, and they look super sleek as a result, both literally and figuratively speaking. Dropped hem at the back, grippers in the hemline, sleek neckline, raw-cut sleeves: check!


AGU's cycling shorts have proven to be a hit with anyone who encounters them as well. The brand uses three types of chamois: Green 95, Red 120 and Black 320. In rising order of comfort and quality, these fabrics are suitable for short to longer rides. Finish your look with a solid helmet and comfortable underwear and you're all set to hit the saddle. #everydayriding

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