Ski and snowboard rental: preregistration

Want to go out on a winter adventure, but don’t have your own winter sports equipment? No problem! You can rent high-quality, well-maintained equipment in no time at all at A.S.Adventure. Our staff at the Snow Atelier will take care of all your (and your fellow adventurers’) skis and/or snowboard(s) in tip-top condition.


Here’s how it works:


1. Sign in below with your Explore More details or create an account.

2. Select the departure and return date of your holiday, so the period when you’ll need the equipment.

3. Optional: Are you going on holiday with several people? Add their data and preferences too. This way, we know which equipment to supply to which person.


It only takes a few minutes to complete everything and one of our employees will help you to choose the right equipment.


So, go ahead and fill it in!


Your data will not be used for other purposes.