Your used stuff, our raw materials for tomorrow

Your shoes and outfits have been with you on numerous adventures. You’re now ready for something new, but you don’t want your old gear to be the future waste? Neither do we and that’s why we’re happy to help you. Thanks to the recycle boxes found in our stores, your belongings can continue their journey.


Whatever the brand, deposit your used shoes and clothing into the recycle boxes in our stores. We will prepare your donation for reuse later as second-hand gear. If the items are no longer wearable, we will process the materials into raw material for new products. And we will give you an insight into their whole journey

“Sustainability does not stop at what we offer at our A.S.Adventure Stores. We are already doing our business in various sustainable ways; recycle boxes help us complete the circle.”

Claudia Verswyver, Sustainability Coordinator at A.S.Adventure

Being outside is just like being at home

Being outside is what we stand for. We therefore consider it our duty to protect nature. We want to join our customers in ensuring future generations can enjoy all that natural beauty as well.


This is why we are focussed heavily on the circular economy by giving old clothes and shoes a second life. We can do this by recycling and upcycling. We take the raw materials and process them for use in new quality products so we can achieve our ultimate objective of reducing the waste mountain to zero.

Partnership with Wereld Missie Hulp

“In a circular textile economy, today’s clothes are tomorrow’s raw materials.”

We work with Wereld Missie Hulp and collect old clothes and shoes. This non-profit organisation works closely with the Dutch textile company, Wolkat. Together they ensure usable clothes and shoes can be resold. Depending on their quality, worn pieces can be recycled and processed into new raw materials in different ways.


On top of that, we offer a range that is as sustainable as possible. For us it’s a responsible way to do business, one in which we always try to make the best choices for people and the environment. And this is true for every part of our company.

How can you help?

It’s simple: bring your old clothes and shoes and place them into the recycle box in your A.S.Adventure Store. You don’t even have to buy stuff from A.S.Adventure.

Why us?

Your donation will be used well

Your old stuff will either be reused or recycled. It’s great news if you want to reduce the waste mountain. Wereld Missie Hulp and their partner, textile company Wolkat, support us in this process.

Transparent donation

Your donation is anything but anonymous. We think it is important that you know what happens to your belongings. We can give you a complete insight into the entire process: from your deposit, to collection, to processing.

Communication about projects

We can also let you know every year about the social projects we support. We run these projects partly thanks to your donation.

Support of development project

Education is the key to a better life, which is why Wereld Missie Hulp builds safe, modern school buildings for the Rambia community. This provides four hundred students enough space and the necessary materials to realise their ambitions.   


How does circular collection work?

1. Donation

Drop your old clothes or shoes off at one of our recycling boxes.

2. Collection

We will pick up the collected material and collect it in our distribution centre.

3. Grading by Wereld Missie Hulp

Our partner Wereld Missie Hulp picks up the items from there and takes them to sorting centres in order to assess the best destination for them.

4. Second Life

The reusable material is sold by Wereld Missie Hulp. The proceeds go to their development projects.

5. Recycling

Wolkat takes anything that can’t be used and uses innovative recycling processes to turn the items into new raw materials.

6. Waste management

Garments that cannot be reused or recycled for hygienic, safety or health reasons are subject to strict waste management procedures.

What happens to the collected material?

51% of the collected textiles are sold by Wereld Missie Hulp. The proceeds go to development projects. 3% is sold in Europe, 29% in Africa, and 19% in Asia via projects managed by Wereld Missie Hulp and Wolkat.


39% is recycled into new yarn by Wolkat.

23% into new raw materials, 19% into cleaning rags. Their new end products consist of 65-95% recycled material.


Barely 5% to 10% remains as waste.

The donation counter keeps ticking up

of used gear has been donated

(since 22 April 2021)

Our partners

Wereld Missie Hulp

Wereld Missie Hulp is a non-profit organisation that builds a better world with old clothing for people in all four corners of the globe. They support small-scale development projects so people can develop themselves and strengthen their community. The organisation uses resources from the collection and sustainable processing of clothing. You undoubtedly already know about Wereld Missie Hulp from the red clothing containers.


Dutch textile company, Wolkat, supports us with the innovative and sustainable processing of large quantities of textiles. Wolkat sells clothing that is still wearable and uses many different recycling techniques to give life to the other items. Most of it is turned into fibre and processed into new textile.

Read more about sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility at A.S.Adventure

Corporate Social Responsibility means making the best possible choices for people and the environment. From a sustainable product range and the repair of your belongings, to sustainable packaging and CO2 reductions: every link in our company deserves special attention.

On the way to sustainable purchases

Do you have a preference for environmentally friendly purchases? It’s the right thing to do. This is why we will be happy to keep you informed about the different labels you can find in our range. An extra word of explanation about the raw materials used, ecological materials and sustainable production is a bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I return in the recycle box?

2. Do the products have to be purchased from A.S.Adventure originally?

3. Can I hand in clothing that is in (very) bad condition?

4. What happens to the items after I return them?

5. When does this campaign end?

6. What role does A.S.Adventure play in this?

7. Does A.S.Adventure make money from this?

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