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Would you like to buy more consciously? Then choose Our Planet products. When you see the Our Planet label next to a product online, you know for sure that you’re making a considered choice. We’re happy to tell you about exactly how and why we make that selection.

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The environmental impact

At A.S.Adventure, we designed and created the Our Planet label to help folks in their quest for products for which we know more about their environmental impact. Do you decide to buy something new based on its environmental impact? Or do you value transparency? Then let Our Planet guide you. That way, you will make an extra conscious choice.


Every product bearing the Our Planet label satisfies at least three ecologically responsible criteria. For example, it might be made from recycled materials, based on a circular design, or deliberately less water may have been used during production. Curious about which products made it to our selection, and what the other criteria are?

Why a sustainability label?

Such a label motivates brands to (continue to) innovate, leading to products that have the lowest possible ecological footprint. This is how we as an outdoor retailer put the pressure up a bit. Our Planet is also a way to encourage brands to be transparent about their products’ environmental impact.


A label like this also helps you as a customer to make an informed and more considered choice. Our Planet provides more insight into a product’s composition and/or the external certifications it (or the company as a whole) has received. Rest assured: we only use meaningful criteria, and a product must satisfy at least three of them to get the label.

Which criteria do we use?

To determine whether a product deserves the Our Planet label, it must meet at least three ecological criteria. These fall within one of the following four domains:

Of course, a healthy planet calls for more than just a healthy environment. That’s why we have also defined criteria on a social and ethical level. Consider animal welfare and fair wages, for instance. If (some of these) criteria have been met, then the online product description will also mention it. Still, to get the Our Planet label, at least three ecological criteria must be met.
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A guide to our four domains

Better use of materials

A product consists (at least 50% of its weight) of recycled, organic (e.g. cotton), or alternative materials (e.g. viscose, made from rapidly renewable raw materials). We maintain strict parameters to guarantee that natural resources aren’t depleted, and that no pollution or contamination is caused by production.

Focus on circularity

The longer a product lasts, the lower its impact on the environment. That means that products with a lifetime guarantee, that can easily be repaired and/or are second-hand, meet our circularity criteria. It cuts down on the mountain of waste, and we save tons of new raw materials, the production of which is depleting the planet.

Action for the climate

Producing new goods always involves CO2 emissions. And that’s why brands that proactively measure their ecological footprint and take CO2 emission-reducing measures are more likely to be awarded the Our Planet label. These criteria are crucial because they have a major impact on limiting climate change.

Protection of land, water, and biodiversity

The fourth domain of Our Planet criteria is all about protection of land, water, and biodiversity. Consider, for instance, preventing hazardous chemicals (e.g. PFCs) that pollute the soil, reducing water consumption, and better waste management.

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A.S.Adventure & Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility means making the best possible choices for people and the environment. From a more conscious product range and the repair of your gear, to more eco-conscious packaging and CO2 reductions: every link in our business deserves special attention.

Our approach

Care & Repair

The better you care for your quality gear right now, the longer it will stay in top condition! Good for you and good for the planet. Because by enjoying your gear for many years to come, we really do make a difference in reducing that infamous mountain of waste.

Maintenance and repairs

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