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Location: Lisbon – Jardim da Estrela
Reason why: A bit of peace and quiet in a green setting to escape the crazy pace of the city.

Mood: Relax in the shadow of a tree in an outfit that deserves to be seen.

Styling: Colourful city looks with red as the basic colour, all-over prints – from tie-dye and flowers to camouflage – and T-shirts with texts, suede, and fringes, and relaxed-fit jeans with embroidery.


Five green activities in Lisbon

● Jardim da Estrela
This is the place to be for people who want to mix with locals as you picnic, listen to a free concert, or chat about nothing in particular.

● Jardim Botto Machado
You’ll find this cute little park with a view of the Taag in the historic Alfama district. While this used to be a hangout for unsavoury types, it’s been cleaned up and turned into a real hotspot for young families.

● Parque Eduardo VII
Enjoy beautiful views of the Avenida da Liberdade, wander around the tropical greenhouses, or gaze in wonder at the geometrically shaped hedges.

● Adamastor
Are you looking for a beautiful lookout over the city? Order a drink and do some people-watching near the statue of the mythical Greek giant, Adamastor.

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