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Location: Comporta, Portugal
Reason why: this is the new Ibiza along the virgin Portuguese coastline and the newest hotspot for beachgoers.

Styling: play on the beach without a care in the world in cheerful summer colours, frivolous stripes, and tropical prints. Living the beach life!       


Welcome to Comporta!

Just a half-hour drive from Lisbon, you can soak up the languid atmosphere of the coastal city of Comporta and the surrounding region. Party animals would be better off staying at home but if you love the peaceful beach life, then you’ll be in your element here. Have a refreshing drink at the beach bar after your first surfing lesson, ride a horse across the pearly white sands, or search for flamingos and storks in the breakers. Are you up for a road trip? There are lots of cute little villages to discover in the surrounding region, from Pego, Carvalhal, and Brejos to Torre, Possanco, and Carrasquiera. Let the many cosy restaurants lure you in with their rich assortment of seafood, freshly caught from the Atlantic Ocean. And who knows? You may even run into Princess Caroline of Monaco or fashion designer Christian Louboutin there because even the chicest celebrities are smitten with Comporta’s relaxed, informal beach vibe.    

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