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Reason why: In 2018, Valletta starred as Europe’s cultural capital. Since then, this charming little coastal city filled with balconies, steps and terraces has captured plenty more hearts. And rightfully so!

Styling: green, pastel, stripes and fine embroidery, cargo pants and shirts with a mandarin collar, combined to create a relaxed look.

Location: Valletta, capital of Malta


5 great things about Valletta


1. Hidden pearls. From the magnificent view in the Hastings Gardens to the lush interior of Manoel Theatre, which dates back to 1732.

2. Picturesque alleys. Wander along the trendy Strait Street – once the red-light district, and now filled with terraces, restaurants and live music.

3. Culinary wonders. Savoury hors d’oeuvres, creamy sheep’s and goats’ cheese and a never-ending supply of fresh fish.

4. Seaside city. Go cruise-ship spotting in the Grand Harbour, one of the most important crossroads in the Mediterranean.

5. Cultural hotspot. City palace Casa Rocca Piccolo, St. Jansco Cathedral or the modern parliament building: which do you fancy?


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