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Location: At Vitesse Coffee & Cycling you can combine beans and bikes. Take a workshop on bike repairs and learn how to service your own (race) bike … all while enjoying a delicious coffee and a New York bagel.    


5 bike-friendly cities

1.     Kopenhagen, Denmark. Serious cycling accidents hardly ever happen in the Danish capital, thanks to almost 390 km separated bike paths. Our recommendation: the Harbour Circle cycling route.

2.     Utrecht, The Netherlands. Around 33.000 cyclists pass by Vredenburgplein daily, but it’s also an attractive spot for recreational cyclists. Our recommendation: the Herenroute.

3.     Helsinki, Finland. The entire inner city of Helsinki has been made bike friendly, so you can freely choose your own route here. Our recommendation: Helsinki Highlights by Bike.

4.     Berlin, Germany. The trajectory of the Berlin Wall is a must, and the same goes for the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg or the airstrip of Tempelhofer Feld. Our recommendation: The Free Original Berlin Bike Tour.

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