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Location: At Vitesse Coffee & Cycling you can combine beans and bikes. Take a workshop on bike repairs and learn how to service your own (race) bike … all while enjoying a delicious coffee and a New York bagel.    


5 bike-friendly cities

1.     Kopenhagen, Denmark. Serious cycling accidents hardly ever happen in the Danish capital, thanks to almost 390 km separated bike paths. Our recommendation: the Harbour Circle cycling route.

2.     Utrecht, The Netherlands. Around 33.000 cyclists pass by Vredenburgplein daily, but it’s also an attractive spot for recreational cyclists. Our recommendation: the Herenroute.

3.     Helsinki, Finland. The entire inner city of Helsinki has been made bike friendly, so you can freely choose your own route here. Our recommendation: Helsinki Highlights by Bike.

4.     Berlin, Germany. The trajectory of the Berlin Wall is a must, and the same goes for the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg or the airstrip of Tempelhofer Feld. Our recommendation: The Free Original Berlin Bike Tour.

Nantes, France. Make your way through the local main street where cars aren’t allowed, visit the many musea and head towards the Atlantic Ocean. Our recommendation: a bike ride around Île de Nantes.    

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