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Location: Table Mountain – South Africa
Reason why: the abundance of options for every adventurous daredevil.

Mood: soaring over the vibrant Cape Town, this outfit full of technical ingenuity really comes into its own.

Styling: technical outdoor gear that exudes adventure and must be seen in a mix of trendy, eye-catching colours (purple, black, red, orange, and green). 


Welcome to Cape Town!

Table Mountain is an inspirational landmark and a must-see for everyone who visits Cape Town. By foot, climbing, or using the cable-lift, there are numerous opportunities for enjoying the phenomenal view from the top. Would you like to admire the mountain in all its glory? You are guaranteed to find a paragliding instructor in Lion’s Head or Signal Hill who will be happy to guide you through the skies.


Paragliding: nearby and further away

  • You can follow a basic course at the Paragliding school just across the border in the Netherlands or head straight to the mountains for your first high-altitude flight.
  • True hardcore paragliders climb up to the top of Mont Blanc and then glide back down over the French Alps.
  • The Dolomites in Italy, the Julian Alps in Slovenia, and Mount Babadag in Turkey are popular launch platforms for paragliding.
  • For those looking for something a little more exotic, New Zealand, South Korea, and Hawaii rank high among fervent paragliders. 
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