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Location: Jardim da Estrela – Lisbon
Reason why: an idyllic patch of green in the city where sports and nature lovers can gather.

Styling: pink accents and flower prints for the ladies, no-nonsense casual sportswear for the men.


Welcome to Jardim da Estrela!

This idyllic piece of green in the centre of Lisbon is the place to be for those who want to join the locals for an improvised picnic, enjoy a free concert, or a have casual chat about this and that. On sunny days, Jardim da Estrela is a very popular attraction for those seeking a little peace, sports enthusiasts and culture buffs. While walking or jogging through the park, which is located near the imposing Basilica da Estrela, you will discover exotic plants, beautiful sculptures, ponds and the old music stage. Do you like art and design? Take a trip to the market, which takes place in the park on the first weekend of every month. After a few days in the busy city centre, you will find the time you need to sit back and relax in this laid-back city garden.

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