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Mood: Whether you prefer strolling through the concrete jungle or a bracing hike through the wilderness, Ayacucho’s got your back – and the backs of disadvantaged communities in Peru, India, Kenya, and other countries! Outdoor fashion with a conscience.

Styling: Warm winter looks, super soft fleece, trendy down jackets.


Help create a better world

Ayacucho – an outdoor fashion range founded in 2009 by A.S. Adventure, in cooperation with Solid International – shares its name with an impoverished and remote area in the Peruvian Andes. Solid is working to give disadvantaged communities in this area a fresh start by organising training for farmers and operating a day care centre for teenage mothers, to list just a few examples. In the meantime, the Solid team has also set up projects in India, Kenya, Tanzania, and right here at home, for disadvantaged teenagers.


Part of the proceeds from every Ayacucho product sold go straight to Solid International, our partner in the Ayacucho story. ‘Learning by doing’ is the guiding principle behind the various sustainable community development projects set up by Solid: we provide practical ways for people to stand on their own two feet.

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