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Mood: A quick sprint before tackling deadlines and to do's at work. You can do it, right?

Styling: Colourful sports bras, leggings with cool prints for the heat of the battle, in the meantime, you have a plain sweater ready for cooling down.

Location: The Linkeroever Voetgangerstunnel (Pedestrian Tunnel)     


Welcome to the Voetgangerstunnel

Officially, it is called the St. Anna Tunnel, but it is better known locally as the Voetgangerstunnel – a beautiful architectural gem under the River Scheldt that is 572 metres long and 31.57 metres deep. The photogenic wooden escalators at the entrance of the tunnel attracted many visitors in 1933, and it's no different today. From tourists who want to take a snapshot, a workforce that commutes between Linkeroever and the city on a daily basis, to professional photographers and directors who use the tunnel as a backdrop for their art project: everyone wants to walk through this tunnel. The authentic entrance halls and the old warning signs complete the historical character of this piece of unique heritage.    

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