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Mood: Some people like to bend and twist into the most challenging of yoga poses at the end of another busy day, while others prefer to find some peace and quiet by meditating. Either way, you can wind down without any distractions in the right outfit.

Styling: Hit relax in a stylish jumpsuit, a hip bodysuit, or a comfy tank top and T-shirt.


Make some time to stand still

Do you like to hit pause occasionally? The brand-new Belgian yoga collection by actress Hilde De Baerdemaeker and designer Katrien Smets encourages you to take regular breaks from your busy existence.


Soon after Katrien Smets and Hilde De Baerdemaeker struck up a conversation during a yoga retreat in Marrakesh two years ago, they realised they were both dreaming of a green yoga collection. And it didn’t stop at just the dream. Together, they’ve created around sixteen designs, from a stylish jumpsuit and a trendy bodysuit to a comfy tank top and T-shirt – exclusively available in twenty-one A.S.Adventure stores.

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