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Mood: The summer will be quickly forgotten when you're showered with new autumn looks.

Styling: If you want to be fashionable when you take to the streets this autumn, autumnal colours, layers and jeans are the way to go. A leather jacket to finish it off is a must.

Location: MAS in Antwerp


Welcome to the MAS

· Instinct (from 25 October 2018 until 17 February 2019)
The guys from the MAS in Jonge Handen are taking over the floor of the museum. Allow yourself to be led instinctively through this unique exhibition that shows the animal side of the museum's collection through the use of creative materials and a wild programme.

· Glass in MAS (from 20 April to Monday 1 October 2018)
As part of this mini-exhibition, the entire MAS glass collection will be scrutinised by a group of researchers and engineers. Their objective? To discover the secrets of the glass and uncover forgeries.

· Baroque Burez (continuous in the promenade)
With 80 sculptures and art installations, photographer-artist Athos Burez presents an idiosyncratic and contemporary view of different genres from the style period. From still-lifes and portraits to landscapes and interiors.

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