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Location: Wijnland Auto Museum, Cape Town – South Africa
Reason why: It’s the perfect stop along the way to the Cape Town wine region, even if you’re not a gearhead.


Mood: A melancholy trip down memory lane on a cloudy day.

Styling: Kaki parkas and light raincoats in technical materials will keep you dry, while the all-over prints will keep the mood up.


Welcome to the Cape wine country!

Fertile soils and a Mediterranean climate are all you need to cultivate the best grapes in South Africa.  Take a road trip along the famous Stellenbosch Wine Route, enjoying the expansive valleys and stop off at dozens of wineries for a few tastings.


Facts about the automotive museum

  • The Wijnland Auto Museum has the largest collection of classic and vintage vehicles in South Africa, from the 1926 Ford Model T to the 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo e-gear.
  • There are loads of hidden gems among the rusty wrecks in the car graveyard that will be as good as new after some restoration. For example, they’ve still got a DeSoto Airflow just waiting to be pimped.
  • There’s a story behind each of the three hundred vehicles in the museum: most of them have made appearances in movies, photo shoots, and advertising spots.
  • Owner Les Boshoff has a barn full of parts that he uses to convert right-steering cars to left-steering for a film set.
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