Freedom Moses

Add coolness and comfort to your life with the Freedom Moses slippers! Not only do they look nice, they are also waterproof and easy to clean with soap and water. Moses may have been able to walk on water, but you will soon be strolling in style along swimming pools and beaches all over the world.


Choose from cactus green, pink with glitter, chocolate brown, camel beige or one of the other fun colours, prints and designs. Freedom Moses also regularly collaborates with artists and concept stores who design limited edition flip-flops. So there really is a flip-flop for every sunlover. You can order most models for both children and for adults. That means: twinning!


The flip-flops are made of PCU, an environmentally-friendly plastic that is injected with air, which gives the impression that you are walking on clouds. They are also 100% vegan: no animal products are used and nothing is tested on animals. A relaxed lifestyle without damaging nature, that’s what we aim for.


All colours and hip designs are by Sarah Gurt, founder and designer. She goes casual with her flip-flops. However, before founding Freedom Moses, she worked for big names in high fashion, such as Calvin Klein and Oscar de La Renta. She found inspiration in her hometown of Tel Aviv: "The beautiful white city with its colourful beach, full of cheerful people from all over the world, offers something new every day!" Walk on!

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